The Father of FOUR family is in crisis and seeks help at a Viking-style crisis center to get the harmony back.

With them they have the elephant Bodil, the family’s old stuffed animal, which will suddenly play a major
role, as she is involved in one of the eager therapists’ self-invented exercises. And if the therapy does not
help with the cohesion, then something happens when it is Bodil’s life at stake ..!

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About us

ASA Film is one of Denmark’s oldest film companies. It was founded in 1936 by Lau Lauritzen. Over the years, ASA Film has produced hundreds of films – from experimental film to solid successes such as the series of Morten Korch film and ‘Far to four’. In 1990, the producer Henrik Møller-Sørensen ASA took over Film. At that time, ASA studies were sold to the state.

ASA has since produced a large number of feature films of both artistic and more commercial nature. The goal is to produce high quality but with as wide a target audience as possible while being innovative! Most ASA films have also ended up as successful successes

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Film Overview

Here you can see an overview of films that ASA Film has produced

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