The kids and Uncle Anders want to participate in the hotels competition to become
“The Sunny Family of The Year”. 

But Father says no, underlining that “We’re good enough as we are!” He changes his mind, though, when he meets the ompeting family, and recognize the father as his old school mate, who’s been bullying him for all of their school years, for being physically inadequate. 

Consequently father enters the competition with all his might and heart, and what should have been a friendly contest, ends up being a fight for honor and redemption, and it’s only by the loving and innovative intervention from the kids, that father in the ends realizes that the family really doesn’t need to go to any of such extremes. They are actually good enough as they are!

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About us

ASA Film is one of Denmark’s oldest film companies. It was founded in 1936 by Lau Lauritzen. Over the years, ASA Film has produced hundreds of films – from experimental film to solid successes such as the series of Morten Korch film and ‘Far to four’. In 1990, the producer Henrik Møller-Sørensen ASA took over Film. At that time, ASA studies were sold to the state.

ASA has since produced a large number of feature films of both artistic and more commercial nature. The goal is to produce high quality but with as wide a target audience as possible while being innovative! Most ASA films have also ended up as successful successes

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