Father of Four – Back to Nature – 2011

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What is really the difference between a moose and a bear? Dad´s skills in outdoor pursuits are put to the test when the family travel to Sweden for the weekend. They will visit Annika, Dad´s cousin , whose birthday coincides with this year´s midsummer celebration. Annika has a nature park , and Dad is looking forward to showing the children where he played as a boy.

Uncle Anders seizes the opportunity to put on his old scout shirt and take out his compass.

Lille Per ,Mie , Ole and Søs thrive with Annika , but they soon find out that not every thing is ideal. A gang led by a villan called Rikart , are messing up the nature park with old refrigerators and hazardous waste. Annika is afraid to give the police evidence as Rikart has threatened to harm her elderly father,Gubben.

The father of four obtains evidence , but Rikart and his gang now pursue the family, so they must flee and take refuge in the nature parks dangerous and wild area. They must spend the night at the rock where Dad once hid as a boy from a bear, an experience Dad has never forgotten. The bear comes again and eats the family´s food, but then Dad finds his inner wild self.

With renewed strength Lille Per and his family fight against Rikart. A raft is built to overcome the wild river and the elderly man, Gubben, helps to lure the gang into a trap, but will this help the father of four get evidence to the police?


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