Heart of Light – 1998

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The young Greenlander Niisi suddenly goes rampant and extinguishes his and others lives in a few moments, it echoes painfully in the small community. Caring, disgrace and shame fills the small world. the killers dad is a man under degradation, disillusioned and alcoholized. The tragic event sends him on a long inner and outer journey.

Danish title The Heart of Light
Other titles Heart of light
Instructor Jacob Grønlykke
Manuscript Jacob Grønlykke, Hans Anthon Lynge, Hans Anthon Lynge
Producer Henrik Møller-Sørensen
Photographer Dan Laustsen
Editor Wadt Thomsen
Sound Per Streit
Composer Joachim Holbek
Scenographer Anders Engelbrecht
Casting Simon Løvstrøm
Contributing Rasmus Lyberth, Vivi Nielsen, Anda Kristiansen, Kenneth Rasmussen
Country Denmark
Production companies ASA Film Production
Danish distribution Nordisk Film