Groovy Days – 1996

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It’s the beginning of the 70’s. The setting is a small commune situated on a dilapidated farm in the country. One day a couple, Anne (Sofie Graabol) and Henrik (Ken Vedsegaard), move in. Anne is all for an alternative lifestyle, the political slogans of the time, feminism, sexual liberation, joint bank accounts and herbal tea. 

Henrik is only interested in Anne and is just along for the ride. He is a sensitive man who will do anything to be liked – to such a degree that he is intolerable. Their great plans for an anti-bourgeois life are supplanted by every day life, and little by little the commune and its residents are comparable to the vegetable garden’s limp heads of lettuce and wormy carrots – much to the locals’ ill-concealed delight.

Things are totally different in the nearby women’s commune where vigorous lesbian women in overalls get everything to bloom beneath their wooden shoes. Anne is more and more drawn to this place, and the commune’s days are numbered.

‘Groovy Days’ is Peter Bay’s third consecutive production with ASA Film. His first was the children’s film ‘Splat’ with Ulf Pilgaard, Jonas Hansen and August Flygare. Then came ‘Underholdningschefen’ with Erik Clausen in the lead as the self-absorbed wise guy on the Copenhagen-Oslo ferry. Both are made for television.


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