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he musical was played in November - December 2013 at Tivoli's Concert Hall.

A small outline around the idea: 
It's summer, the sun is up and it is Sunday most days of the week. the Father is holding together his little family, Sis makes the sandwichs, Mie and Ole and little-Per are brave and fresh and Uncle Anders is as always a loveable eccentric old man with a white beard and bicycle clips. Little-Per welcomes Christmas time - just like all small children.

But soon dark clouds will come over the house on Flower Street. New times are coming up.

Dad is an accountant in the department store where everything goes his usual way - but suddenly their whole world will change. The old director's ambitious son has returned from abroad - and takes over the business. He looks very different on both Christmas and the employees.

They all must be more efficient and save money. There is no need for either employees or Christmas decorations. Christmas is in danger. The beloved, recurring Christmas decoration "Santa Land" is about to disappear along with everything that is in an old-fashioned traditionel Christmas to. And in the middle of it all, the otherwise honest and real trusting Peter leaves Sis in favor of a rich and spoiled fashion model. The small family and especially the children are suddenly forced to fight for everything they hold dear.

It will require a massive amount of childlike imagination, ingenuity, courage, and not least a number of songs to save Christmas and family.Will it succeed Mie, Ole and little-Per to save Christmas, father's honor and the family's livelihood? Will Sis get her Peter back? Will Dad get his job back and will Uncle Anders get his secret dream of being both Santa Claus to come true? Get answers when the curtain goes up for the show ...

Musical version of Father of Four starts in Kaj Engholms original character series a little naive, old-fashioned world of yesterday. Not with any precise indication of time - but probably a little more 50s than our own present time. We are thus in a somewhat different world than the new film in the series, in which the universe has been modernized and brought up to today. The musical takes back to square one - then Christmas was always white and children was hardly spoiled ...


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