Storm – 2009

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STORM is the story of 12-year-old Freddie (MARCUS RØNNOV), who lives alone with his police officer dad (TROELS LYBY). Freddie has a big heart, and one day, when he sees a dog being mistreated by its owner, he decides to take action right then and there. Against his father’s wishes, Freddie abducts the dog during a frightful storm and conceals it in his room.

STORM, as Freddie dubs the dog soon after, has a truly exceptional talent; he can run very, very fast! Freddie brings the dog to the dog track, where Storm is quick to call attention to himself, and dog trainer Sofie (MILLE DINESEN) offers to help Freddie train the dog. But although he makes quick progress and Storm looks likely to win the great Danish dog racing championship, there are many unknown factors: Not least of which is Freddie’s dad, who mustn’t find out what’s going on, and the very threatening dog owner, who suddenly shows up out of nowhere. Fortunately, Freddie has some good people on his side, including his warm-hearted neighbor Mrs. Andersen (KIRSTEN LEHFELDT) and a very nice girl in his class…


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