Last Night – 1999

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An old and lonely caliph lives in a old palace. He is under the heel of his harem, which consists of a group of big women who snore louldly. One night it becomes all too much for the califf, and he decides to flee. He reaches the gate of the palace when a bunch of robbers break in. They want to steal the money of the Kaliff. In the last second He succeeds to draw the robber’s attention to the harem. At the sight of the women, the robbers are so chased that they chase the entire harem back into the bedroom, after which a solid party is played. “Last night” is a fun story about a man’s search for freedom and the obstacles he must go through to achieve it.

Danish titel Sidste nat
English titel Last night
Instructor Jarl Egeberg
Script Jarl Egeberg
Producer Michael Bille Frandsen, Henrik Møller-Sørensen
Editor Charlotte Arnholtz
sound Christian Lørup
Composer Martin Fabricius
Produktionsland Danmark
production Company ASA Film Production
financing med støtte fra Dansk Novellefilm
Danish distribution Danske Filminstitut
Technical data 35 mm, farve
rating Allowed for everyone