Father of Four – Living Large – 2006

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Denmark’s most loveable and entertaining family is back and ready for new adventures.
Uncle Anders receives a letter informing him that he has inherited the Krageholm Castle, so the family scrub their holiday on Bornholm and set their course for Funen. However, at the arrival it turns out that uncle Anders is not the sole heir. The snooty Von Grissenfeldt family are also entitled to the castle, and according to the will, the two families have to engage in an exciting competition to settle the matter.
The Grissenfeldt family play dirty in order to secure the victory, and they will do anything in their power to win. Dad and the family have to give their all to save the Krageholm Castle.

Meanwhile, (Lille Per) is exploring the dark hallways of the castle and comes across old mysteries, and the unravelling of these has a significant impact on the future of the castle.


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