Father of Four – never gives up! – 2005

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Mie ambitiously takes on the responsibility of arranging a huge talent show at school, but is tripped by problems and bad luck. Ole struggles to form a band and later on to keep it together. Sos is a model and stakes everything in the name of love. Per solves the family’s financial problems in his own creative way and has always a cheerful remark on everything.

And then there’s Dad who has been fired from his job as an accountant because his boss thinks he’s too boring and doesn’t fit the company’s new progressive profile. As a single father of four he has to pull out all the stops to get his job back, and the children don’t hesitate to suggest how Dad’s image can be made more up to date.

In the 50’s and 60’s, the ‘Father of Four’ films drew millions to the cinema and were a fixed point in the Danish film industry. Their popularity has spanned new decades and new media. Over one million video cassettes of the ‘Father of Four’ films have been sold. Several times a year, the ‘Father of Four’ films have been aired on Danish public service stations with approx. 800,000 viewers each time – even though it was the fourth or fifth time they were aired. 

The world is developing and styles change – but ‘Father of Four’ endures. Children and their parents love cartoonist Engholm’s universe. Everyday problems press upon a typical Danish family, but can never ruin the sense of community or joy of what we know best – everyday life with its small victories and little delights. 

The original versions of the ‘Father of Four’ films on DVD are making their way into Danish homes – a few hundred thousand have already been sold.


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